Benefits of Owning an ATM


Having an ATM machine in your business benefits both the business owner and the customer. Studies show that having an ATM in your location helps to build customer loyalty, your reduce credit card fees, increases traffic and impacts sales, and provides you with an additional income stream.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Studies show that by offering your customers convenient access to cash by having an ATM in your business helps to increase customer loyalty

Reduce Credit Card Fees

: By providing easy access to cash via an ATM and encouraging your customers to use cash for their purchases, you can greatly reduce fees you pay when customers use credit and debit cards.

Increased Sales

Various studies have shown that a customer who uses an ATM machine spends 30-50 percent of the funds withdrawn in the store itself.

Provide Customer Convenience

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having easy access to an ATM.

Additional Revenue Stream

Depending on the location, foot traffic and the surcharge fees you collect, having an ATM in your business can easily pay for itself and provide you with an recurring income stream.