Transaction Processing

Through your relationship with SwypCo, you reap the benefits offered by some of the leading ATM processors, our bank sponsorship and access to regional and national networks. Our partners receive the benefits of a much larger organization without the cost and commitment of working directly with each vendor.

Swypco’s Flexible, Relaible ATM Processing Services Include

Processing available through Columbus Data Systems, Digital Network Solutions and Switch Commerce

Terminal Driving on Flexible, Reliable Processing Platforms

Daily or Monthly Surcharge Settlements, weekend business settle Mondays

Outstanding Technical Support

No Hidden Fees

24 / 7 Real-Time ATM Monitoring and Error Notification Alerts for Maximum ATM Uptime

Robust, Comprehensive Online Reporting & Transaction Tools

ISO Bank Sponsorship

Connections to Regional and National Networks 

We support these and other regional and national networks, including EBT Networks.