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ATM Equipment Sales

As a provider of unbeatable ATM processing and cash solutions, it come as no surprise that SwypCo also offers the most cost effective, reliable and secure ATMs from leading manufacturers — Genmega and Nautilus Hyosung.

When you purchase an ATM Placement Program from SwypCo your package includes

SwypConnect Wireless Routers

Allows you to improve your terminal communication for between 7 – 43 cents a day. 

ATM & Location Signage

Optional signage designed to draw customers to your location — increasing floor traffic and profits.

Customizable Surcharge Deposits

Choose daily, weekly or monthly surcharge deposits to best suit your business needs. 

24 / 7 Online Transaction Management Reports

Online access allows you to monitor your transactions via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Free Delivery

Free delivery most locations in the United States

Transaction Processing & Network Connections

Connect to major local, regional and national ATM networks, ensuring your customers have the most secure access to their money.

Transaction and Earnings Reports

Know exactly how much your ATM earns with detailed monthly reports

Real-time Error Notification Alerts

Instant notification of terminal errors such as low cash or paper jams sent via e-mail or text message.

ATM Terminals

Genmega and Hyosung

Hyosung 2800 Force

Hyosung Halo II

Genmega 2500

Genmega Onyx