ATM Equipment Sales

ATM Equipment Sales

SwypCo ATM Models
Genmega G1900

Innovative and feature-packed. 8″ hi-res LCD screen, built-in security and dispensing options. Built on a flexible platform to be custom-fit for your needs.

Hantle 1700W

High-end features and elegant design. 7″ hi-res color LCD screen supporting custom ads, integrated topper sign and easy to install.

Hyosung 2700CE

Next generation modern design will fit into any setting. Powerful interface with a 10.1″ color display, additional topper signage, on-screen graphics capability. High-capacity cash dispenser up to three cassettes.

Hyosung Halo

Sleek new Apple-inspired design with a large 10.1″ screen, e-receipt options using QR codes and custom application. Improved lighting console brings attention to machine. Available in brushed finish and high-gloss white.

The above are our most popular models. Other ATM models available upon request.

As a provider of unbeatable ATM processing and cash solutions, it come as no surprise that SwypCo also offers the most cost effective, reliable and secure ATMs from leading manufacturers — Genmega, Hantle and Nautilus Hyosung.

When you purchase an ATM Placement Program from SwypCo your package includes

  • Free Delivery to most locations in the United States
  • Free Installation & On-Site Training by our professional ATM technicians
  • ATM & Location Signage to draw customers to your location — increasing floor traffic and profits
  • Transaction Processing & Network Connections to every major local, regional and national ATM network ensuring your customers have the most secure access to their money.
  • Contour Network Wireless Modem* (optional) allows you to improve your terminal communication for as little as 66 cents a day. Standard TCP/IP wireless connectivity or dial-up modem available.
  • 24 / 7 Online Transaction Management Reports which allows you to monitor your transactions via smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Free Dedicated Customer Service available to assist you 7 days a week.
  • Real-time Error Notification Alerts of terminal errors such as low cash or paper jams sent via e-mail or text message.
  • Cash Management & Replenishment Services* to ensure your ATM can deliver the cash your customers need when they need it.
  • ATM Supplies & 1st Line Maintenance Available*
  • 2nd Line Maintenance Available* including all Regulatory Compliance Upgrades such as making your ATM EMV capable
  • Monthly Surcharge Deposits into your account
  • Monthly Transactions & Earnings Reports

*Optional item, not included in all placement packages.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our ATM sales can make you more profitable.